Thursday, November 4, 2010

HELLO out there, who ever's reading this (you're cool).

well, i'll start off with introducing myself.
1. I LOVE to bake, hence the reason why i made this blog (my first ever!) to share my thoughts and feelings towards the wonderful art of baking :)
2. My current idol is none other than.......... MARTHA STEWART (she is amazing!)
3. I really want a KITCHEN AID MIXER! (hoepfully ill get one for my upcoming birthday)
................. (there are so much more, but i'll just leave it there with 3)

BLOG GOAL: To somehow inspire someone out there reading this. Because i was so inspired by Julie Powell's 340 (i think) recipes byJulia Child's in 365 days

So what i kind of want to do is bake something from Martha Stewart's baking handbook and her other dessert books once a week to show you guys the result and if it's worth making (which i think will definitley taste awesome), and  i'll tell you guys my feedback and upload a  photo of it. A hopefully, you guys try it and tell me how it goes :D